We transform lives through participation and partnerships.

And we stand for an autarkic economic system culture in East-African schools and guarantee transparency at any given moment.


Who we are

We are kind of proud on our fast-paced team of thinkers - young professionals and social entrepreneurs, highly motivated, diverse and creative. Constantly thriving to deliver the best we can and simply loving what we are doing!  That is the only way projects can succeed. We are no fans of silo-thinking - we like participation and partnerships! We can deliver results in weeks and months - not years. We are known for our “sleeves-up” attitude. The brand name JUAMII is a combination of two Swahili words, namely: JUA (the sun) and Jamii (the society): JUAMII.

  JUAMII follows its strategy out of pure societal purposes and social entrepreneurship and does not pursue profitable scheming.



Our charter of JUAMII

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