“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Implemented Projects:

Tenderfeet School (Dagoretti/Nairobi)

The Tenderfeet School is in Dagoretti, Nairobi. Located in the outskirt area of Kibera, known as the largest informal settlement in Africa. Tenderfeet offers education for elementary and primary school levels. The children are between 2 and 15 years young and the school takes care of 200 students currently, most of them are orphans from Kibera. 20 children out of the 200 reside within the school premises. The school finances itself solely through donations and private fundings.

Values through JUAMII:

Benefits for the children: The usage of solar energy does not only enable and improve the studying possibilities and habits in the evening and early mornings but moreover will transform the daily life of the children into a more positive and learning atmosphere. Especially important is the storage of food and prescription medicines for the children in cool and dry places like storage rooms and fridges.

The use of our solar system fully covers the annual power consumption of the school. 

Benefits for the schools: The savings made from the power bills will be used to initiate a local chicken rearing and farming project which will in turn improve the nutrition of the children and pay part fee for them through sales. This will help the school to reach their goal to become economically independent and sustainable.


Implemented Projects:

Bethlehem Community Center (Soweto/Nairobi)

The Bethlehem Community Center (BCC) is located in the informal settlement of Soweto, Nairobi. BCC has 352 students, from which 80 are residing at the school. The children are between 3 and 20 years young and most of them are orphans. BCC does not receive any state funding and is therefore independently responsible for resource allocation. Because of shortages in financial contributions, BCC has to cut down on electricity and proper food supplies. This is certainly to the disadvantage for the children and their precious health.

Values through JUAMII:

Benefits for the children: The usage of solar power can ensure that the 352 children will have more opportunities to study when it is dark outside, both in the morning and evening and particularly older students will be able to train their PC skills with the available computers.

Benefits for the school: Adequate and enough solar power enables the school to use the available computers to open up a small 'community computer cafe' and inhabitants can use the computers against a fee. The school becomes more economically idependent and can assist more children from the community with education.