The company Bischoff & Ditze is an energy service provider from Hamburg and offers guarantees of origin, as well as other information on the energy market. For us, the company is a trusting partner, which has already supported Juamii in the pilot project. After the Tenderfeet School pilot project, the successful cooperation continued. Now the company is one of our long-term partners. We thank the company for supporting us and we are looking forward to implement more projects together. 


Manasprings is a Non-Governmental Organization which has been operating in the field of Leadership for more many years in Kenya. The organization actively works together with female community leaders living within informal settlements, who again are very active in their own communities trying to support the urban poor; mainly orphans, single mothers and mentally ill children. These women carry great responsibility for their communities. Manasprings develops solutions to solve complex challenges within the community in a participatory process together with the women and while that improving their leadership skills. The organization has built trust over years of partnerships and working closely together with different communities. Communication is key because the needs and concerns of communities have to be permanently analyzed and channelled towards finding suitable solutions in order to present these in the Manasprings training sessions. Through the impressive know-how and the long term partnerships with local communities, Manasprings is an ideal partner for JUAMII.



Tenderfeet is located in Dagoretti in Nairobi close to Kibera, one of the largest informal settlements in Africa, most likely the world. Tenderfeet offers courses for elementary school classes for children between the age of 2 and 14. At the moment the school has more than 200 students, most of them are from Kibera. Some students also reside within the school. The school finances itself solely through donations.

Hand in Hand, Lüneburg, Sozialer Verein, Solar Lüneburg

The association 'Hand in Hand' Lüneburg e.v promotes development work as well as the education sector. 'Hand in Hand' especially support partner projects between the Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule Lüneburg (Unesco-Project school since 2005) and Schools in Africa. The focus mainly lies on the activities between the German school and the Tanzanian secondary school Bishop Moshi in Marangu, Tanzania.
Thanks to Mr. Riggert and his excellent expertise with solar, they managed to setup 52 solar modules on the roof of the Tanzanian school. The physics teacher and founder of the association 'Hand in Hand' is a pioneer in the field of renewable energies and installed a large photovoltaic system on the roof of the German school 10 years ago. Hand in Hand e.V. supports us with their technical knowledge and the installation of the solar systems. Therefore the NGO is a perfect partner for JUAMII.










The Bethlehem Community Center (BCC) is located in the informal settlement of Soweto, Nairobi. BCC has more than 350 students, from which 80 are residing at the school. The children are between 3 and 20 years young. BCC does not receive any state funding and is therefore responsible for their own resources. Because of shortages in financial contributions, BCC has to cut down on electricity and proper food supply. This is certainly to the disadvantage for the children and their precious health.