What Juamii is achieving

We equip our partner schools with photovoltaic off-grid systems including battery storage facilities. The photovoltaic systems are used for self-sufficient power generation and have the capacity to cover the entire annual electricity needs of the schools. The focus is on independent power supply, because feeding into the public grid does not take place. Through the use of sustainable energy, health and environmentally harmful kerosene lamps which are very common in East Africa can be avoided as an alternative solution. The surplus saved from energy costs will be reinvested in three major sectors of our partner schools: Education, Production and Agriculture.

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Advantages for the schools

Besides the promising independence from the expensive and unreliable power grid, the schools can profit from higher education standards through participation and partnership investments. Through this concept they can increase their production and can use their urban agriculture in a more efficient manner. All in all the living standard of the people grows and live in the region in general.

Our services are based on our partnerships and involve financial allocation and funding, delivery and distribution, technical installation and integration & implementation of individual needs concerning and fitting to the autarkical concept. We work together with our partner schools to improve, upgrade and innovate energy saving models and investment projects.

Using own resources
Saving cost of power