Our Vision

One of the biggest challenges facing East-Africa is the constant and daily supply of electricity. It is especially a huge burden for schools that do not have access to the power grid, in most of the cases the schools are unable to allocate the necessary resource funds. We have developed a sustainable concept in a participatory planning process with the community which will begin by delivering clean solar energy for the schools. 

Moreover, we aim at creating an autarkical and sustainable green economic system that will transform the schools into independent running economic systems. We are focussing to tap the full potential of the students and teachers to improve their living and working conditions to form a better future.


Alex Lingo, 14 years young, Kibera, Nairobi

After we asked Alex what he wants to do in his life, he answered while pointing at the sky that he wants to learn to fly planes.

- With chances to better and solid education and the right 'Push', even the sky is not too far for a boy like Alex. 

What distinguishes us


Our local partners have years of expertise and experience working in the field with more than 100 schools in several communities in Kenya.


This is the most important factor for us as we have visited the project sites and sat down with the people and created room for participation to find out about the real needs of the partner schools.



One of our key strength is being 100% transparent, we make sure and ensure that your partnership support can be seen through a direct contact via live video feed on a monthly basis.



We successfully implemented our first solar project in Kenya this year.  We are very proud of the impact we made.

To clear your picture, watch the small film of our partner school.

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